Same benefits as if you were with us live

How it works? Each day we will release the recording of the in-studio class and upload it to the online platform, which you will be able to access after you make the payment. You will have access to ALL the benefits.

Over 100 women took part in our Challenge since 2018 and saw the results.

Hear what some of them told us

"It gave me a work-life balance"


“I had a lot of late nights at work and my stress levels were always high. Joining the 30-Day Challenge pushed me to leave work early (which is on time) and actually work my way to having a work-life balance. ”

“I get into the groove faster...


I sleep better and I have lost 6kg. I had always eaten healthy but my weight became stuck in one place. The dance classes increased my metabolism and the calories burnt in each class really helped with the weight loss. This kind of weight loss is more sustainable and safer than doing weird diets or programmes.”


“DB DXB is the best thing to have happened to me in 2019. I am extremely passionate about dancing, and they’ve given me a platform to express myself and learn more. The ladies who run the show are so kind-hearted & emit positive vibes, making the experience even more enriching. This place is for everyone - it doesn’t matter if you can’t dance, you’re going to have the time of your life and burn some calories anyway! <3 Thank you DB DXB.”

What you'll get:

  • 30 daily dance and movement sessions, including Afro Vibes, Hip hop GROOV3, Heels, Dancehall, Latin and Afro Fit

  • BONUS 30-day recipe plan with meat and vegan options worth $100

  • BONUS digital Daily Habit journal worth $70

  • 3 Competition Prizes worth including Fitbit watch & DB DXB merchandise worth $400

  • Bonus weekly check-ins worth $300 (Week 1: How to set goals and stick to them, Week 2: Nutrition Q & A, Week 3: Confidence and body positivity and Week 4: Announcing the challenge winners!)